RootsMagic Explains Why the Ancestry Sync Won't Happen This Year

Ever since RootsMagic announced back
in February 2016 that it was collaborating with Ancestry on the sync
, inquiring
genealogy minds have wanted to know, “how much longer?”

An answer of sorts came yesterday in an open
letter from RootsMagic head honcho Bruce Buzbee
. Although initially, “by
the end of the year
” seemed like a safe deadline, he writes that more time is
needed to complete and properly test the new syncing feature.

Bruce includes a good explanation of the behind-the-scenes technical challenges: The
API, the “system that lets Ancestry and RootsMagic talk with each other,” is brand
new and needed lots of testing as well as additional functionality, which took time.
His team also has needed to remove and replace code to improve how the software performs
certain tasks.

So the bottom line is, RootsMagic won’t sync with Ancestry by Dec. 31. But “it is
close, and it looks amazing,” Bruce writes.

See the full letter on the RootsMagic
. If you’re interested in being a beta tester for RootsMagic’s Ancestry sync
features, click the link to the application at the end of the letter.

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